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Vallarai/Brahmi Dip Soup




Vallarai/Brahmi – Brahmi is a therapeutic herb commonly used as a memory enhancer. It strengthens our memory by improving brain functions. It is called as Memory booster from our ancestors for ages.

Naturally, the shape of Brahmi leaves has a similar shape to our brain. It has got high Anti-Oxidant property which removes the toxicity from our body. When consumed on a regular basis our immunity system is powered and it increases. It has also shown results to improve symptoms of hypoglycemia.

The fine blend of Vallarai dried leaves with salt, pepper, and cumin seeds combo when dipped in 100 ml of hot water given the perfect Vallarai/ Brahmi soup in 60 seconds with 100% natural ingredients. Greeny dip brings out the blending which has a crowd-pleasing taste for healthy living.

Greeny Dip is easier to carry anywhere, wherever you travel. We have smartly optimized the timeline of preparing the traditional soup method from 20 mins to 60 secs with our plastic FREE diffusion bag. No Artificial flavor added and Hygienically double packed with high shelf life makes our product Unique.

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